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Your wholesale partner for confectionery and groceries from Turkey and the Balkans

Our long-standing partnerships with reliable suppliers and producers enable us to offer Turkish confectionery of the highest quality. We place great importance on carefully selected ingredients, traditional manufacturing methods, and sustainable production practices. Every product we offer undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure it meets the high standards we set for ourselves and that you expect from us.



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Our brands

Patos baharatli

Distribution network

With our main headquarters in Bürstadt, Hessen, and our branch office in Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia, we ensure independent delivery to our valued customers. In the rest of Germany and other countries, we have an extensive distribution network thanks to our sales partners in over 20 countries.

Patos Rolls


Halal represents purity and wholesomeness, not only in terms of food but also in other aspects of life. We are proud to inform you that we specialize exclusively in the sale of Halal products.

Cerezos Corn Ball Süt Misir


Partnerships are of central importance to us. We focus on building long-term relationships based on the principles of transparency, honesty, and trust.

We strive to establish solid partnerships with our suppliers and customers, characterized by openness and mutual respect. We believe that transparent communication and honest collaboration are the foundation for building strong and sustainable relationships.

Our trading partners

Vertriebsregion von AK-PA

As a leading distributor of well-known brands in Europe, we have built an outstanding network that has positioned us strongly in the market. Our primary focus is on the European market, where we successfully distribute our products.

Furthermore, we are expanding into markets outside of Europe and catering to discerning customers in the USA and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). We take pride in offering our products internationally and providing seamless service to our customers in these countries.

Our export business covers a total of 20 countries worldwide. This expansion allows us to broaden our global presence and offer high-quality products to our partners in various regions.


Lorscher str. 26,

68642 Bürstadt, Germany

+49 6206 909 300

Branch office North Rhine-Westphalia

Neustr. 96,

42553 Velbert, Germany

+49 2053 501 11 57

Opening hours: 

Mon. - Fri.: 07:00 - 17:00

Sat. - Sun.: Closed

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